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Professor TAH has been telling manytimes how you must use small position sizes compared to what you might havebeen doing before!
I said last week that I can easilyhandle 1000pips moves to position building direction (loss side before profitside) andadd more and more to my position. Right now I'm building positions onGU short, EU short, and some exotic pairs like USDSEK long and USDNOKlong.

Now if we look at actual temporary"drawdown" (can't talk about loss, because this should be temporaryuntilprice goes where it is supposed to go based on PVSRA) in depositcurrency;I now have 7 short positions open on EU. Microlots 0.01#1 1.3059-6.79#2 1.3096 -3.99#3 1.3090 -4.22#4 1.3103 -3.32#5 1.3117 -2.34#6 1.3143 -0.48#71.3150 +0.03 So... -21.11 total.
#1 1.3059 -6.79 欧元
#2 1.3096 -3.99 欧元
#3 1.3090 -4.22 欧元
#4 1.3103 -3.32 欧元
#5 1.3117 -2.34 欧元
#6 1.3143 -0.48 欧元
#7 1.3150 +0.03 欧元
So... -21.11 total.所以……一共亏损了21.11欧元

If one goes by the rules buildingposition and keeping sizes small, who can't handle this?My intention is todouble positions on the way down, cause then we are moving todirection that was originally read from PVSRA. That way I'm maximizing profitswith building positions and minimizing losses with keeping positions small whenbuilding stage is on way.

So little info about moneymanagement using different trading styles hereLittle example how I do it:ClassicSonic R trade with SL at recent higher swing low/high0.1lot. Risk is normally in 50-100pips range and TP in 50-100pips range. So50/50 risk/reward ratio.PVSRA proven Classic Sonic R early entry with SL atrecent swing low/high (like todays EJ, GJ and UJ trades) 0.1lot. Riskisnormally in 20-50pips range and TP in 80-150pips range. So 30/70 risk/reward ratio.

Now the building part Buildingposition the MM way is hard to put in any risk/reward ratio. Itcan be described as highest probability trading style I have come up.Youbasically can risk anything you want here, but my example is this:I startbuilding in 1/10 positions from size used normally. Adding on position every timeI think is good place to do so (full and half numbers when PVSRA stillconfirms the MM's haven't switched side). When the price starts to move to thedirection that was originally read with PVSRA, I add to each and every positionI already have taken building. This way I'm already at profit side when pricehas gone back 1/3 way to direction from where the buildingstarted.So different ways to trade, different ways to use money management.This is just an example how I do it

Fire At Will! The Enemy isBeing Routed!
I have this post linked to the post by JRissa giving more details on someof the ways he manages his money position building. It is a informative post.It is well worth reading and well worth spending some time thinking about,after you read it. Give time for such information to sink in. It may havegreater significance than one might first realize.I would like to add anotherthought to this body of knowledge that is starting to be openlydiscussed, unlike before when such would only have received ridicule from theDoubting Thomases within the retail trader group, and from the spies of the MMswho would not like retail traders doing anything that makes it more difficultfor the MMs to take their money!

The thought I would like to add is this. JRissatalked about building a position up as the MMs worked price to build up theirown positions, and with the plan to also add more to the position when the MMsfinally move the price in the profit making direction. So?Here is the"So?" When EU was dropping earlier yesterday, I did not add. Therehad already been talk (ref: Worldfreedom) about the possibility the MMs mighttake price high again later, and they did, and to the tune of almost 70 pipspast the previous signicant high, on a run off the bottom of almost 135 pips!So, we must keep in mind this next statement.

PVSRA can indicate if the MMs are bulls orbears, but we can never know when the MMs are going to stop building and starttheir run for profits.As a result of not adding to my EU short position as the run forprofits "seemed" to have started early yesterday,when the shithit the fan I was able to send out several more Scouts nearthe top of the 135ish pips run back up! I responded to a question earlieryesterday that the MMs might be lowering price ahead of news to coax shortersinto the market. On the surface, that would seem not the thing for the MMs todo if they are bears. I mean, why would bear MMs encourage more bears to comein and compete for whatever liquidity for shorting is available? The answerproved simple enough. Suck 'em in and wipe 'em out later! Not only wipe 'emout, but wipe 'em out with nice losses which magnified the liquidity for thesesonofabitch bastard MMs!

I hope my added thought is clear. We can never know when the MMs havestopped building and have indeed initiated their run for profits. Therefore,how can we know when it is safe to expend more Scouts during moves in theprofit making direction? Please think on this carefully. Building onlywhen price is moving against you might be a hell of a lot safer than doing that andthen expending more Scoutswhen the price is not moving against you. Don't fire all the rest of yourammunition when you see you have the enemy on the run!

Exacting Entries!
Don't need 'em. PVSRA indicates if the MMs are bullsor bears. Bull MMs can, and do, put on bear PA. Bear MMs can, and do, put onbull PA. This PA can, at times as we have seen today, be extreme! So what? Thisis one of the strategies we should always be expecting the MMs topulloff in order to create liquidity to get more of their own orders filled!It isthe way of the market, traders. If you don't like it, get out of trading.On theother hand, you can use any move the MMs make to advantage you the same way theytake advantage of it. Build a position along with the MMs. It is as simple asthat, but you must restrict your size of individual trades from however you arecurrently trading. If you trade in lots, then trade in mini-lots, etc.

You don't need your entries to be exacting,only in the same ballpark! Making exacting entries is impossible except by purechance, and it doesn't often happen, so don't worry about it. Just get yourposition built with individual entries at decent locations. The skill here isto manage entries so you do not run out of those smaller bullets before the MMsrun out of running the price. We will never succeed at being perfect at thissimply because while PVSRA indicates if the MMs are bulls or bears, we cannever know when the MMs will stop running prices and initiate their run forprofits.Trade small sizes, very small relative to account size. Trade light anddon't waste your smaller bullets too early in the game. Don't worry aboutexacting entries!Frankly, I still stay on the record thatI do not yet recommendanyone trade like this, though I understand the temptation to do so. If you tryit, you do so at your own risk. So if you do, you better demo it with an amountof money you might really start with, and see what tweaks you need to make toyour trading in order to survive! You need experience with this in order tocome to the knowledge, based on an account size, how small trade sizes need tobe, how many you can have open at the same time, and where you need toterminate a trade gone bad. I will repeat what I said in a post above. JRissarecently stated he trades small enough that he can be down one thousand pips.Anyone trading this way needs to think about this and understand the reasoning.It is better to blow one or more demo accounts until you truly understand, thanto blow your real money right off the bat!










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